On Tuesday, a team started the cleaning work. Armed with archers and rakes, these gum scrapers spray from boiling water (127 ° C) to take off the fruits of twenty years of chewing. The book was to last two or three days, depending on the speed of advancement, for a cost of 4000 dollars (3730 Euros). This participatory monument has already been partially cleaned up three times. But according to site managers, this is the first full stripping in twenty years.

Those chewing gum lovers can rest assured: this cleaning does not sign the end of the “Gum Wall.” “The Wall is a reflection of the art that is behind it, it is constantly changing thanks to the participation of the actors,” said the announcement of the cleaning Kent Whipple, Director Marketing, and Development of the improvisation troupe that works on site, in the Market Theater. “And, just like a good story of improvisation, it has a beginning, middle and an end. The wall is about to start a new story. We look forward to seeing this new incarnation, “he summed up. An enthusiasm confirmed by Emily Crawford, Pike Place market: “We expect that the” Gum Wall “will continue to live,” says the spokesman.

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