Like a little air of the padlocks of Paris. In Seattle, in the northwestern United States, a wall of chewing gum from around the world has been a tourist attraction for over twenty years. Photographed daily by chewing contributors, it is included in the majority of tourist guides in the city. Since Tuesday, this emblematic place undergoes the thorough cleaning, the first since its creation. You can visit Seattle retaining walls for more detail.

Unofficially inaugurated in 1991, the “Gum Wall” would be borne by the only paganism of some visitors. As they waited to enter the improvisational theater in the alley, spectators would have begun to stick their chewing gum on the wall next to them. The practice gradually spread to other parts of the wall and eventually seduced passers-by and tourists. Thus would be born this substantial viscous monument.

This accumulation motivated the great cleaning in progress. “Just like you, all that sugar can be a problem for your bricks, uh, teeth,” says the wall itself on the Pike Place Market Facebook page. Not to mention that with each heat, the chewing gum takes the form of stalactites and sink to the ground. “From afar it may seem colorful, but when I get close, it disgusts me,” told AFP Emily Crawford, spokesman for the Pike Place Market. Behind these layers of chewing gum hides a vast number of microbes, according to the spokesperson.