Like a little air of the padlocks of Paris. In Seattle, in the northwestern United States, a wall of chewing gum from around the world has been a tourist attraction for over twenty years. Photographed daily by chewing contributors, it is included in the majority of tourist guides in the city. Since Tuesday, this emblematic place undergoes the thorough cleaning, the first since its creation. You can visit Seattle retaining walls for more detail.

Unofficially inaugurated in 1991, the “Gum Wall” would be borne by the only paganism of some visitors. As they waited to enter the improvisational theater in the alley, spectators would have begun to stick their chewing gum on the wall next to them. The practice gradually spread to other parts of the wall and eventually seduced passers-by and tourists. Thus would be born this substantial viscous monument.

This accumulation motivated the great cleaning in progress. “Just like you, all that sugar can be a problem for your bricks, uh, teeth,” says the wall itself on the Pike Place Market Facebook page. Not to mention that with each heat, the chewing gum takes the form of stalactites and sink to the ground. “From afar it may seem colorful, but when I get close, it disgusts me,” told AFP Emily Crawford, spokesman for the Pike Place Market. Behind these layers of chewing gum hides a vast number of microbes, according to the spokesperson.

Master or Diploma: Two fundamental accreditations for every professional

Diploma and Masters seem to be synonymous, and although both belong to the category in postgraduate education, it should be clear what type of course you are accessing.

But deciding what type of studies should or should not be taken is not easy, and for this it is important to take into account various factors such as: the type of knowledge you want to acquire, the time available and the budget.

Differences between Diploma and Master

Graduates offer specific knowledge in a professional area, while the master’s degree aims to expand knowledge and specialized and multidisciplinary training.

If what you are looking for is to assume new positions of responsibility in a company, to take classes in a university, the Master’s degrees are the most appropriate program.

They are courses for those professionals who already have a university degree and are taught in universities or business schools, where leadership, teamwork and conflict resolution skills are learned.

A Master’s degree is useful for those who seek to focus on a certain area, because the topics are treated more deeply. In addition, to obtain a degree as a teacher it is necessary to carry out a work or thesis project that demonstrates the mastery of the selected subject, as well as research capacity.

In the meantime, if what you want is to acquire knowledge of a specific branch of your professional career, or about a specific topic that will help you keep up with the knowledge of your career, the Diplomas, are a good option in these cases .

These programs are intended to expand and complement specific areas. Graduates are usually shorter than other types of studies and the topics they address are constantly updated.

Duration and objectives of both courses

And, unlike the Masters, which can have a duration of up to two years, the graduates only meet a period ranging from 20 to 150 academic hours, distributed in semesters or trimesters.

Postgraduate: the right route

Today’s professionals must keep in mind that in order to have better opportunities and be competitive in the workplace, they need to remain active and up-to-date in their area of ​​expertise and in other subjects, in order to respond to the vertiginous technological changes.

If you apply for one of our Master’s degrees you are on the right path, because a graduate:
  • Increase your competition levels.
  • It updates you in the area that interests you most, providing you with new levels of specialization.
  • It leads you to develop new skills and abilities.
  • Accelerate your professional development and open new growth paths.

To take a master’s degree or diploma, it is only necessary to have the desire to expand and deepen current knowledge and want to continue growing professionally.


On Tuesday, a team started the cleaning work. Armed with archers and rakes, these gum scrapers spray from boiling water (127 ° C) to take off the fruits of twenty years of chewing. The book was to last two or three days, depending on the speed of advancement, for a cost of 4000 dollars (3730 Euros). This participatory monument has already been partially cleaned up three times. But according to site managers, this is the first full stripping in twenty years.

Those chewing gum lovers can rest assured: this cleaning does not sign the end of the “Gum Wall.” “The Wall is a reflection of the art that is behind it, it is constantly changing thanks to the participation of the actors,” said the announcement of the cleaning Kent Whipple, Director Marketing, and Development of the improvisation troupe that works on site, in the Market Theater. “And, just like a good story of improvisation, it has a beginning, middle and an end. The wall is about to start a new story. We look forward to seeing this new incarnation, “he summed up. An enthusiasm confirmed by Emily Crawford, Pike Place market: “We expect that the” Gum Wall “will continue to live,” says the spokesman.

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